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The history of the Solnhofen Natural Stone - also called Solnhofen Lime Stone or Solnhofen Plate - began about

150 millions years ago in the era of dinosaurs. In a subtropic sea, stacked lime sediments were formed,

which hardened through millions of years and which are extracted today as so called Solnhofen Natural Stone in

the quarrying area between Kehlheim and Solnhofen in Bavaria (Germany).


The extraction of the limestone plates requieres a high skill and is hand-crafted only, as it was done a hundred years ago.

In current times, which are dominated by artificial products, the Solnhofer Natural Stone with its outstanding biological

building qualities contrasts with the mass of artificial stones. Get a piece of pure nature into your house.


The ALSO Natural Stone GmbH, located in the heart of Bavaria, is dedicated completely to the gain, finishing and sale

of the Solnhofen Plate. We are pleased to help you with all questions about this fascinating natural stone.

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